Trading Simulator

This is a candlestick practice game. Exercise your abilities and beat the market. Can you finish a 100 candles period on profit? Test your trading skills!


Technical Analysis

Dolar per pip: $1*

* will be used on the next trade. Always one thousandth of your equity.

Game progress


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Equity: $1000

How to play

The game mechanics are very simple: based on your analysis of the candlesticks presented you must decide whether or not to enter the market and if you decide to enter and to buy or sell.

If you are not on the market yet

If you aren't on the market, you have the following options:

  • Buy button (green): You get in "bought" and you win money if the market goes up;
  • Sell button (red): You get in "sold" and you win money if the market goes down;
  • Nothing button (orange): you skip the current candle and wait the next one.

A dashed yellow line will appear showing the opening price of your transaction. position.

After you open a trade

Considering that you enter the "bought" market your options are:

  • Keep buying (green): In this option you keep your operation open until the end of the next candle;
  • Close and Sell (red): You close the current trade and open an trade in the opposite direction;
  • Close position (orange): You close the current trade and the next candle is shown;

If you get sold the options are reversed.

Technical Analysis

If you want, you can enable the following indicators:

  • EMA - 9 periods Exponential Moving Average
  • EMA - 20 periods Exponential Moving Average
  • EMA - 50 periods Exponential Moving Average
  • EMA - 100 periods Exponential Moving Average
  • MACD

Time selection

Below the chart you can zoom in or out to set the number of candles displayed in the chart.

What is this game for?

In addition to having fun, you can use this game to: backtest Price Action strategies, or those that use moving averages as indicators, assess the success rate of different candlesticks patterns... etc.

About the data

Our database is composed of the seven major forex pairs with prices ranging from 1/jul/2005 to 29/jul/2015.

When the game begins the system chose randomly a period on one of the following pairs: AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY.

Each candle represents the period of 4 hour. The game begins showing a historical context of 200 candles to help you with your analysis and the duration of the game is 100 candles.

More about the game


The game doen't take spreads into account nor fees and comissions you have to pay to your broker. It should be

O game não leva em consideração spreads e/ou taxas cobradas por corretoras (brokers) e deve ser seen only as a playful and educational process.

Real trading is much more complex than this game that simplifies several things, such as position sizing.

Why this game was created

We looked for gaming options and / or simulators for Forex and we find almost none that are satisfactory. We found some similar games that served as inspiration, but they were meant for stock markets and indices (not forex). Also the options I found were old and usually made with flash.

That is to say: in the absence of better options we decided to create the game from scratch.