Memory Game with Candlestick Patterns

Can you recognize the most important candlestick patterns? How good is your memory? What about test both?

Choose the difficulty level:

What are this patterns?

Candlesticks or patterns of candles are patterns that appear in candlestick charts and indicate the likelihood of reversals or continuation of bullish or bearish trends in asset prices.

In our game there are registered 24 patterns of candlesticks that are randomly selected when you start the game. You can play several times and still find new patterns when playing.

How to play

This is a very popular game known as Memory Game. After selecting the desired level of difficulty, the cards will be placed on the board. You should create pairs between the name of the pattern of candlesticks and the drawing of it.

What is this game for?

In addition to fun, the goal of the game is to help novice traders to:

  • Get familiar with the main candlestick patterns
  • "Acquire" the eye to detect patterns "automatically"
  • Train the memory!


Thanks to Yane Frenski for making the game's engine for free.

Images taken from ADVFN website.